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The Argan Bees project in video The Argan Bees project in video

The project

Melvita chose to help women working in the argan oil industry to develop beekeeping as an additional, income-generating activity, and also to support beekeeping by young people and within the most isolated local communities.

Morocco, country centered on agriculture and the development of its industries is made up of a very poor and rural population with difficult social and economic conditions especially for women.

- Three million people make a living from the argan tree, representing 25-45% of the family income of these households. The daily wage of a woman working in the argan oil industry is €5 to €8.

Beekeeping in Morocco is a tradition that goes back centuries and is threatened by the disappearance of bees and a drop in honey production of nearly 40%. 30% of honey in Morocco is imported to meet local demand.

In partnership with the French association Man & Nature and the Moroccan  local NGO Amanar, Melvita is committed to :

- Setting up beekeeping training for women

- Help with investments in materials

- Help with replanting melliferous plants

- Raise awareness of and to promote traditional beekeeping skills

In 2016 :

240 women trained

200 beehives setup